Womens Republican Club of Salt Lake City

The Womens Republican Club of Salt Lake City has been actively involved in promoting women and the cause of good government since 1899.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Many members come to learn about the political process.  In making our voices heard on election days, we are ensuring yet another generation.

Other members come to serve and make a difference in the community.  They actively promote Patriotism, love of God and Country.

Still others come to lead and mentor.  They are blazing the trail for countless others.


We are women!  Just like women are varied, our club membership is eclectic as well.  We are young & old.  We are married & single.  We are incredible involved with politics or just neophytes.  We are state and county elected officials, city council members, mayors, state and county political officers, precinct and legislative chairs, state and county delegates, campaign managers, candidates, poll workers, wives of elected officials and  more.  The Women’s Republican Club of Salt Lake City — We are making a difference!

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