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Women’s Republican Club of Salt Lake City, Inc. (WRC of SLC) Membership Application

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1. How did you learn about WRC of SLC?

2. What is your history with the Republican Party if any? (List any positions held,
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3. Are you a registered Republican?

4. Are you a member of any other Republican clubs?

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Dues for New Members are:           $35.00

Dues for current Members are:      $30.00

You can also pay for your monthly lunch, college students can pay $20 for their membership.

Please be sure to fill out & submit your membership application so you can get involved!

Welcome to WRC of SLC!

Get ready for a fun and meaningful adventure.
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Please mail completed application and dues to:  (Checks payable to WRC of SLC)

Nicole Peterson
3002 Twin Springs Court
United States

New in 2012!  Currently enrolled, registered Republican college students have a Student Rate of $20.00.

Become an Associate Member!  If you are a member of another NFRW affiliated club, you can join our club for $30.

If you are a registered Republican male, YOU too can be an associate member!

Membership application: easy!